Lights. Camera…Vision

Sometimes you have a vision. A vision that’s not easily explained, but its there in your head. In the past this would frustrate me no end (as well as everyone around me) in trying to get everything PERFECT, because no one could see inside my head!  I no longer strive for perfection (a lot less frustrating) but rather allow things to evolve.

This more relaxed version of my creative self has meant a true reflection in who I am and what I represent. I’m not trying to be anything other than myself and it certainly doesn’t stop me from setting the usual high standards (for myself) in everything I do.

So when we got to shooting our first range the vision evolved into a beautiful, naturally creative experience. Our fabulous photographer, Kent Johnson,  teamed up with our gorgeous models who had never EVER modelled before. Four beautiful, natural girls who embraced the experience, showcasing our very first line of products.We allowed the girls to choose their outfits and ‘play around’ and being close friends this was not hard for them. The shoot went fast and I wore many hats (nothing unusual for a DSC_5263small start up), steaming garments, placing props, make-up, hair, direction and styling. Which left little time for carefully constructed poses.

The result? Well, you won’t get to see all 490 images, but can I tell you,  going over which ones to select? OMG they were incredible! Hardly a bad image. How to choose THE SHOT!

The result is better than perfection.


Its fun, relaxed, easy and a little different…. and this is who we are.


One thought on “Lights. Camera…Vision

  1. Thank you Simone! I had a great time photographing your range with the girls; they were great to work with, you were all great to work with. I too think the best results happen when we let them (carefully) evolve. And hey-presto it all happens, it’s more fun and the results speak for themselves. Your casting was wonderful too, it makes such a big difference and you feel the positive energy from everyone. I am sure you will find the best shots from the shoot; too many good shots; I call that the good problem! 🙂 Thanks again for the kind words; all the best for Milla & Lotti, xx Kent.


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